KYC & Risk Profile mandatory for all paid Customer .

Refund Policy

Refund Policy of Ways2star:

Since we give a 2 days free trial to evaluate our services and support system, we expect that the client is satisfied before making the payment(s), therefore we, Ways2star, have no refund policy.

By making the payment(s) for our services we assume that the client has availed our 2 days free trial and read the disclosure, Disclaimer, Terms Condition & Privacy Policy and has made the payment only after being satisfied with the quality of services and support from Ways2star.

We give our best efforts and are confident about the quality of services that we give. We try to give the same level of services during the trial period as well as after that, therefore there is no refund policy or cancellation of payment, Extension of Services, Hold of any Services.

Before making the payment we (Ways2star) recommend client to:

  • 1. Get the client profiling done by our business development team as its compulsory by SEBI Regulation, Ways2star will not refund any payment if you deny to fill & Complete Risk profiling, KYC form, send PAN Card self-attested Copy & Aadhar Card self-attested Copy
  • 2. Read the details about our products, services and support and also the risks involved in the product(s) before making payment to Ways2star. Once you have paid to Ways2star it’s assumed that you have very well read about all our services from our website or you have been explained for product & services by our back office team or Research Analyst.
  • 3. Take 2 days free trial to evaluate the quality of our services and support. We do not offer free trail for our Premium & HNI Services, We only offer Free Trail in Our BASIC services. It’s assumed that before making payment you have evaluated all the things, Resolved all the queries derived.
  • 4. Go through our website and read about the Disclaimer, Disclosure, Terms Condition, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Risk associated with Trading and investing.
  • 5. Trading in Equities, Commodities, Forex, Currency, Comex or any Derivative instrument involves risk and there may be chances of loss. In case of any loss from any of product or services of Ways2star, we will not refund any subscription amount or bear any loss arise from any of our product or services.
  • 6. Contact us if you still have any query on our customer care number +91-8305197805

Thus by making the payment, the client (you) agrees and acknowledges that you have read the above 100% NO REFUND policy in any situation and agree to all the terms and conditions of Ways2star.

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